The first thing to do is check our partner checklist to ensure you meet all the pre-requisite requirements.

Once you are confident you can meet these requirements, you can complete our online application form. After this, we will be in touch within 2-3 business days to take you through the next steps. You do need to be qualified in the courses you wish to deliver training.

If you have all your paperwork ready for your application, and we can contact your referees straight away, our guideline of processing your partner application will be 4-5 business days.

Approved First Aid Training Partners only pay for the students that they train following the course. We understand that as a New First Aid Training Partner you want to develop with a business that is seriously committed to profitable and professional growth. Allens Training believes the same and require Partners to invest in their business with a (non-refundable)  Pre-paid System Credit of $500.00. This pre-payment to your account is toward your student course completions in your first year. This $500 is the minimum commitment to your business. 

We do have an expectation that you will deliver training to a minimum of 100 students every year.

The only cost you will pay is per person you train and the price is dependent on the course. View our prices on the Courses & Pricing page on our website

Partners are provided with all the training resources such as session plans and PowerPoint presentations you require to deliver training.

We do encourage you, however, to modify these to suit your business and re-brand with your logo. 

ASQA (the national regulator) set the Standards for Registered Training Organisations and require trainers to have:

  • the vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed
  • current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided
  • current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110 or TAE40116)

View ASQAs Meeting trainer and assessor requirements fact sheet for further information.

To view the full list of Allens Training requirements please visit the application checklist.

To assist our Partners and Trainers to meet ASQA requirements, Allens Training provides regular professional development opportunities for its trainers. Opportunities include workshops, courses, online courses, conferences, and several other activities throughout the year.

Although we require our trainers to have a commitment to ongoing professional development, we have implemented processes and opportunities to make the process relatively stress free.

In particular, we hold a national conference for Allen Training Partners and Trainers. This is always a great event.

Although approved Allens Training Partners and Trainers all have yearly professional development obligations, we do not make attending our events (such as our conference) mandatory.

As long as you can demonstrate that you have met your professional development requirements each year, then we are happy.

In your partnership application, you will be asked to demonstrate current industry experience. The best way to meet this requirement will be via work experience and examples of evidence can include:

  • Certificate to Practice (Paramedic)
  • Nursing registration
  • Letter of validation from employer (i.e. you are a workplace first aid officer)
  • Verification of participation on advisory committees, industry panels etc.
  • Job Description plus evidence of current employment

Industry Experience needs to highlight your role and responsibilities as they relate to the training you wish to deliver and you will need to provide industry experience for each course type you are applying for.

ASQA state that, attending a workplace to experience the latest techniques, processes and resources could contribute to the demonstration of current industry skills. Importantly, ASQA state that delivering training and assessment in a workplace does not constitute the development of current industry skills. 

View ASQAs Meeting trainer and assessor requirements fact sheet for further information.

Allens Training offer Partnerships (also known as third party arrangements or co-provider arrangements) to individuals and businesses who are not Registered Training Organisations (RTO), so they can deliver our Nationally Recognised courses without the hassle and stress of becoming an RTO. 

We understand that not all businesses have the desire or resources to become a Registered Training Organisation, so we provide a simple and efficient solution to allow you to deliver Nationally Recognised training.

As an approved Allens Training Partner, the process of delivering high-quality courses to generate income or save your organisation money is simple. As the RTO, we take care of the compliance requirements and accreditation, so you can focus on delivering excellent training to your students.

Approved Partners have access to everything required to deliver training, including training resources such as session plans and PowerPoint presentations.

You have access to an online portal that enables you to manage your training from start to finish. Course bookings, student enrolments, course paperwork, certificates, sending student renewal reminders, and a range of other business support tools - are all managed in the one location.

Ongoing support and is always available as are opportunities to network and collaborate with our larger network of trainers and partners.

 Co-Provider is another term that means the same as Partner.

There is no difference between the terminology for First Aid Partner, First Aid Instructor or First Aid Trainer. Each phrase is interchangeable. 

Approved Allens Training Partners and Trainers receive ongoing support to help improve their training, grow their business and understand the Allens Training Systems. This support comes in a range of forms including:

  • Joining our closed Partners Facebook group to collaborate with others in the industry
  • Regular email broadcasts advising of general news and changes in the industry
  • Formal mentoring arrangements
  • One-on-one phone sessions for new partners to step them through our online systems
  • A series of online, video and PDF user guides
  • Phone and email support

The equipment required for each course will vary.

You will need to have the necessary equipment (e.g. manikins, defibrillation equipment for First Aid) depending on the course/s you intend to deliver. We also sell discounted first aid training equipment to partners if you require this.

You will only require Public Liability Insurance, not Professional Indemnity insurance. Your Public Liability insurance needs have $10 million coverage.

As a business partner, we are unable to recommend an insurance broker for your business insurance. However, we do encourage you to seek several quotes to compare.

As an Allens Training Partner you are responsible for:

  • Signing and following through on the Service Level Agreement
  • You are the central contact with Allens Training Office
  • You will have your own ABN details and Insurances
  • Have the ability to complete a credit check reference as required
  • Ensuring your trainers are Allens Training Qualified
  • Ordering of supplies and resources  from Allens Training Online Shop

As an Allens Trainer you are responsible for:

  • Coordination and delivery of the training course
  • The completion of all course and student documentation
  • Maintaining your professional development and currency
  • Contracting and working for an Allens Partner Co-Provider/Partner
  • Completion of the Allens Partner Induction

In some cases the Partner and the Trainer will be the same. For example, you may operate your own business in a smaller community or regional centre and have no requirement for more employees. You are both the Trainer and Partner.

At other times our Partners deliver a wide range of courses and they require additional trainers to deliver training courses for their business. 

You will need to indicate your preference as a Partner or Trainer when you complete the application process. If you are joining an existing partnership please state this at the time of your trainer application.

Before a partnership is approved we require the Partner to sign our Service Agreement. This is a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that outlines each parties’ responsibilities. Don’t worry, there is nothing in this document that restricts you from leaving if you choose to, it is just a simple document to formalise the partnership.

Our partnership team can be contacted on 1300 559 064 or [email protected] for further information.

Allens Training has no lock in contracts. We don’t believe in handcuff agreements forcing you to stay when you don’t want to. We just deliver what we promise so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

We have formed arrangements with several organisations from a range of industries so they can deliver training in-house via a partnership program.

This is a great cost saving measure when you are training large numbers of employees, and Allens Training has the systems and processes in place to support such an arrangement. It also ensures consistency of training across an organisation.

As a large and support-centred RTO there is an expectation that Partners would deliver training to a minimum of 100 students every year. 

 Yes, whilst you initially may deliver courses within your organisation, we request that all trainers obtain a Working with Children Check in case circumstances change.

Having a positive notice working with children's checks meets the expectations of a training company with regard to both working with children’s legislation in each state and ASQA standards.

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